Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Country loses more confidence in Obama; Congress
Poll respondents unhappy with the direction of the country

WASHINGTON, DC—A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted last week shows a majority of Americans are pessimistic about an economic recovery and have little faith in President Obama’s ability to grow the United States out of the Great Recession.

The poll shows a bleak outlook at public perception about the president being able to conduct his job properly and support for his agenda eroding among his democrat base. Less than half of Americans—40 percent—believe Mr. Obama can handle a “serious crisis” while 17 percent, or nearly ½ of his democrat base approves of his job performance.

Moreover, generic ballot match-ups by party continue to favor the GOP over democrats, 45 percent to 43 percent want to see their party with the majority in congress respectively. This is bolstered by what is known as the “enthusiasm gap”, with 71 percent of McCain voters expressing high interest for the November midterms, while only 44 percent of Obama voters expressing equal interest (a drop from 82 percent in 2008).

The poll also finds a majority of citizens still favoring off-shore drilling but has slipped from 60 percent down to 53 percent; other polls record nearly 60 percent of American’s want a repeal of health care reform and as many favor Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070.  

--Killswitch Politick

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