Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Repeat until true
The media proves yet again it doesn’t let facts get in the way

Dallas, TX—After attending a Tea Party rally, New York Times Charles Blow writes about the racism he encountered; he even described the rally as a “minstrel show”. But in an interview with Laura Ingraham, the Old Gray Lady’s columnist couldn’t point out one single instance of overt racism.

Mr. Blow’s unsupportable charges seem to be a trend not only in the pages of the New York Times (which published Jayson Blair’s fiction pieces) but in the media at large. Dan Rather, a perpetrator of Memogate, where the veteran “journalist” used forged documents as a campaign hit piece to derail the reelection of George Bush in 2004.

The Tea Party movement has been called “Astroturf” a political term meaning the protestors aren’t really grassroots, but are paid performers. They’ve also been spun as birther kooks, but the latest label the media likes to use is racist.

This most recent marginalizer probably began around the time when Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) claimed he had been the victim of hurled racial epithets but soon backtracked as the so-called event wasn’t caught on video or audio, nor heard by anyone in the crowd. Still, that hasn’t stopped the media from reporting it happened and as Mr. Blow has demonstrated, it won’t stop them from repeating the charge until it rings true.

-- Killswitch Politick

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