Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All the news that isn’t fit to report
Fabricating the news when reporting just won’t do

The network news and most in the mainstream media have a new angle on the Tea Party movement—they’re all right wing black helicopter kooks. Racial epithets are routinely hurled, congressmen are spat on by Tea Partiers, and egregious calls to pull down the president’s pants and spank him in front of Mount Rushmore.

Obviously, the latter has not (yet) happened, but the other two allegations are just as preposterous. In a world where practically every American carries a camera/video phone and dozens of news cameras trained on the most extreme Tea Partiers, and scores of law enforcement officers on hand, one would logically conclude someone, anyone would have heard or captured these incitements; yet not one single shred of proof.

Not one shred of proof in the now many months of the swelling ranks of the Tea Party movement. Its not as though the Tea Party just sprang onto the national scene a week or two ago, it has been organizing, growing, and demonstrating for as many months as it took health care reform to get through Congress—by our calendar, that equals at least eleven months.   

And in eleven months, not one single supposed instant of vitriol has been captured, we know this to be true, because it is quite conspicuous by its absence—had there been such an incident caught by camera, microphone, or witness, the evening network news would make it their lead item and it would garner front-page, above the fold positioning.

The most disturbing consideration about this supposed news is its outright fabrication. CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and all of mainstream media have been losing audience for years; perhaps actually reporting news instead of making it up would solve that problem.

-- Killswitch Politick

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