Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Record turnout for primaries misreported
The mainstream media again demonstrates its bias (and activism)

ASSOCIATED PRESS—The AP ran a story about primary races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, by the headline, “Unharnessed Anger: Incumbents Win in NC, OH, IN” you would think turnout was light—and it was—among democrat voters. On the GOP side, turnout was in record numbers, as James Tranato writes in the Wall Street Journal, the National Journal actually included the numbers, showing republican and independents went for conservative candidates.

This is nothing new and an increasingly unmitigated march from reporting news to fashioning news. Compare recent “coverage” of Tea Party rallies where terms like “Birther”, “racism”, and “bigot” are peppered throughout supposedly hard news pieces. Yet the raucous pro-illegal immigrant rallies where dozens of arrests were made for vandalism and the like are buried (if even appearing) in hard news coverage.

Then there’s the case of Faisal Shahzad, where MSNCB’s Contessa Brewer laments the attempted Times Square bombing was the work of a middle-eastern male. When just three months ago, the mainstream media looked for any clue that could pigeon-hole Andrew Joseph Stack as a right-wing nut after he flew a small plane into an Austin office building; his manifesto a cadre of big-government, borderline communist rants.

Perhaps this is why FOX News is dominating the airways and MSNBC and CNN are less viewed than the Cartoon Network.

--Killswitch Politick

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