Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Rush to judgment

Rush was blitzed out of an investment consortium by an all out media blitz that seems to be a false start. Red flags were immediately thrown by defenders and supporters but the media’s forward progress has done moved the chains just enough.

The many allegations that were repeated are now under review and it looks likely that Mr. Limbaugh has a case. But as the illegitimate quotes spread one has to wonder a few things:

Where are the sound bites?

With over twenty million listeners and constant media scrutiny, why aren’t we hearing Mr. Limbaugh in his own voice? Surely, with “quotes” and “statement” this old, there is bound to be audio proof of these remarks repeatedly attributed to the talk show host.

Where are the dates?

Okay, let’s suppose for a minute someone in Mr. Limbaugh’s mammoth audience, scores of pundits, media types don’t have the actual audio (which is precisely what is being done), then I am sure there would be dates certain, confirmed and fact checked to reference.

Where was the outrage and protest?

And if there is no certain date, then where were the protests? Where was the media frenzy? Seriously, if the man says something even remotely controversial, it passes every anchors lips as they read the copy.

Why didn’t his sponsors drop him?

So we don’t have audio, we don’t have the dates, we don’t have media circus, but surely at hearing these outrageous declarations, wouldn’t his sponsors publicly drop him to distance themselves?

-- Killswitch Politick

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